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Common Ground Committee Hosts John Kerry, Condoleezza Rice for Forum on America’s Foreign Policy

Former Secretaries of State seek to find consensus on nation’s role in the world March 19, 2019, at the university of Notre Dame’s DeBartolo Performing Arts Center South Bend, IN, February 15, 2019 – Today, Common Ground Committee(CGC), a nonprofit organization devoted to improving public discourse in politics, announced its tenth public forum, which will bring […]

House Democrats make clear who’s in charge

US News and World Report article on the new Congress features Co-founder and CEO, Bruce Bond. Bruce is the first person quoted in the story, where he comments that he sees limited opportunities for common ground on issues like infrastructure and Dreamers. He is also quoted as saying “there is still the mindset that if you are perceived […]

“Honor Bush’s legacy by forgoing tribalism”

Common Ground Committee co-founder, Bruce Bond, shares and memorializes the late President George H.W. Bush by urging readers to honor his legacy by forgoing tribalism and support candidates who do the same through civility and common ground methods. President George H.W. Bush could have chosen to “spike the football.” It was 1991, and the Berlin Wall […]

Bruce Bond Interview with Chance Seales from Newsy “The Why”

Earlier this month, our co-founder Bruce Bond joined Chance Seales on Newsy’s “The Why” to talk about how the new Congress can find common ground. During the nearly 4-minute interview, Bruce details Common Ground Committee’s mission, why the country still admires and wants civility, and some of the areas he thinks Democrats and Republicans can […]

“If you want to fix the polarization crisis, use your vote to shift the political climate”

Common Ground Committee co-founder, Bruce Bond, shared his thoughts on how and why we should vote for common ground this election in an op-ed for USA TODAY. As you research candidates before heading to the polls, look for those with a track record that demonstrates a bias toward making progress on issues, not destroying the […]

“The Kavanaugh debate was destructive tribalism on steroids. Here’s how we can stop it from happening again.” 

Common Ground Co-Founder Bruce Bond reacts to recent displays of incivility and tribalism in American politics for The Hill As someone who works full-time on healing the angry tone of our public discourse and polarization that divides our nation, the Kavanaugh hearings and searing debates that followed were difficult to watch. The depth of hate and personal vilification […]

The Middle Shelf: Part 16- A CGC Guide to Finding Common Ground through Reading

Hello Middleshelfers, Happy Labor Day weekend! Here at the Common Ground Committee we are always looking for ways to bring positive discourse, and as our mission states,  we look to” pursue initiatives which will reveal common ground for finding truth, clarity, understanding, and progress on issues of importance in a civil manner that does not […]

A Special Middle Shelf: Part 14.5- Dr. Williams Book Club

Hello Middleshelfers, and welcome to a special book recommendation this weekend. This week’s book recommendation revolves around a book club rather than a single book. On August 7th, Common Ground Committee in partnership with The Nantucket Project hosted a conversation in Greenwich, Connecticut featuring Dr. Brian Williams, a black medical professional, speaking on “A Doctor’s Dilemma: […]