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Community Takeaway: Salih Hudayar

Student Salih Hudayar attended our Finding Common Ground on the New Cold War forum on November 19, 2019 at George Mason University to hear General David Petraeus and Ambassador Susan Rice discuss foreign policy at a time of rising international tension. Salih says events like these are key in showing interested citizens how to navigate […]

CGC’s Message Finds a Growing Audience

Common Ground Committee continues to gain momentum. This past year, CGC successfully increased awareness of our mission to spread light, not heat, in the search for common ground in a polarized world. Our efforts to extend our audience have resulted in: Common Ground’s byline in The Hill in August 2019 reached around 11.8 million viewers […]

Trump administration is in a unique position to make real change on gun control policy

This month co-founders, Bruce Bond and  Erik Olsen, shared their thoughts in this poignant piece about gun control. Bruce and Erik identified that the Trump administration is in a unique position to implement measures to reduce the prevalence of mass shootings and that preventing this type of tragedy is somewhere the nation can find common ground. […]