USA Today Publishes Op-Ed

CGC mentioned in Kathryn Murdoch profile


Murdoch is deliberately backing “people of both parties who have principles”, including moderate conservatives, she says. This week, she and James invested in The Bulwark, a digital news outlet founded by anti-Trump Republican commentators Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes. For all Murdoch’s efforts to advance moderates, she admits that she is swimming against a stronger partisan tide than when she The Financial Times – 12.15.2021 started. Polls show that Republican and Democratic voters’ views on climate change diverged further under Trump, and 81 per cent of voters now fear that US democracy itself is under threat, with each side blaming the other. Trump left people working on democracy reform “destroyed [and] distracted”, Murdoch says. But he also helped convince more people that there are fundamental flaws to fix in the system. Murdoch is not alone in hoping that this fear galvanises centrists. Opportunity lies in the “exhausted majority” tired of polarisation, says Bruce Bond, co-founder of reform group the Common Ground Committee, who sees “a tipping point coming” akin to the Civil Rights movement. Recommended Fund management James and Kathryn Murdoch back $250m BlackRock climate fundraising Yet the severity of the perceived risk leaves even some allies questioning whether Murdoch’s approach is enough.

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