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let’s find common ground

Exploring paths to more progress, and less division

With polarization dominating public discourse, can we find a path back to the common good? Tune in as journalists Richard Davies and Ashley Milne-Tyte explore diverse solutions to today’s most urgent issues with top thought leaders, journalists and others committed to bipartisan action. Tell us what you think! Rank recent episodes and issues that matter to you, and leave us a note or voice message. Take our listener survey.

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Two Young Southerners Speak Up on Guns

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Primaries and Polarization: Is The System Broken?

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Podcast EP 64: Millennial Politicians

Millennial Politicians on Finding Common Ground

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Episode 63: Davia Temin - Crisis and Common Ground

Companies: Crisis and Common Ground

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Episode 62 Climate Series - Daniel Yergin

Energy, Climate, and National Security: The New Map

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climate change podcast

Climate Action: A Progressive and a Conservative Find Common Ground

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Will Hurd Common Ground Podcast

The Crucial Role of Political Centrists

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Common Ground Podcast

Our Common Ground: What Polling Doesn’t Reveal About Americans

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We’re Less Divided Than We Think

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Depolarizing America: Building Consensus Step-by-Step

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Say That Again? Podcast eP. 56

How Our Accents Can Divide and Unite Us

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Guns: Ryan Busse Loves Them But Sees The Need For Limits On How They’re Used and Sold

Subscribe to the Podcast How can gun violence in America…