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New Documentary Stars & Strife Spotlights Rise of Polarization and Hatred


New Common Ground Scorecard Rates Politician's Commitment to Seek Agreement on Issues that Matters to Voters 

New Common Ground Scorecard Rates Politician's Commitment to…

Chris Wallace, Maggie Haberman Find Common Ground on the Media's Role in a “FAKE NEWS” era

Journalists from Fox News and The New York Times discuss the…

General David Petraeus, Ambassador Susan Rice Find Common Ground On The “New Cold War” At Public Forum

Leaders in foreign affairs come together on China, Syria and…

Democrat Barney Frank, Republican Chris Shays Take On Congressional Gridlock At Public Event

Former Congressmen gave inside look at legislative process, discussed…

Common Ground Committee Hosts John Kerry, Condoleezza Rice for Forum on America’s Foreign Policy

Former Secretaries of State seek to find consensus on nation’s…