Common Ground Committee works with a number of organizations as follows:

The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor is an international news organization that helps readers see news events as starting points for constructive conversations. The Monitor has been CGC’s publishing partner since inception. The Christian Science Monitor leadership have been moderators for CGC forums and its accomplished reporters are featured in CGC podcasts.


Activote is changing the way citizens engage with their government. Its easy to use nonpartisan app educates voters on important issues, when and where they can cast their vote, connects them with their elected officials, and allows them to make their voice heard by quickly answering key polling questions. ActiVote includes the Common Ground Scorecard in its content, and ActiVote conducts surveys for CGC.

All Sides

All Sides exposes people to information and ideas from all sides of the political spectrum so they can better understand the world – and each other.  CGC partners with AllSides by including Allsides’ newsfeeds on its web pages.

America Talks

America Talks provides an opportunity for Americans of different backgrounds and beliefs to connect during a time of great division in our country.  CGC is a supporter and partner of this annual initiative. CGC team members participate in it.

Bridge Alliance

The Bridge Alliance is a coalition of ~100 organizations working together to promote healthy self-governance in our democratic republic. Bridge Alliance member organizations span the ideological spectrum, but are unified to work efficiently, outside arbitrarily defined political lines. Bridge Alliance has been an important partner for CGC events on several occasions.

Bridge USA

BridgeUSA is a student-led organization created in 2016 by young people for young people. BridgeUSA is currently present at over 40 college campuses around the nation and recently launched high school chapters. The organization works closely with CGC to both host and spread awareness of its events on college campuses across the nation.

Civic Genius

Civic Genius provides key content for CGC events including our “Research Guides” and the quizzes that run on screen prior to the start of an event.

CIVIC Health Project

Civic Health Project is dedicated to reducing toxic partisan polarization and enabling healthier public discourse and decision-making across our citizenry, politics and media. CGC and Civic Health Project leaders work collaboratively to support the overall effort of the many organizations seeking to minimize political polarization through, for example, identifying collective goals and metrics.

Convergence Center for Policy Resolution

Convergence Center for Policy Resolution is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on solving social challenges through collaboration. Convergence brings deep knowledge of policy and process and works with leaders to identify workable solutions to seemingly intractable issues. CGC has collaborated closely with Convergence on a joint podcast series featuring Convergence participants.

L1sten First Project

Listen First Project is a collaborative movement of 400+ Listen First Coalition partners that work together to heal America by bridging divides. CGC partners with the Listen First Project as a member organization and active participant of the National Week of Conversation for which it produces a forum event.

Living Room Conversations

Living Room Conversations connects people across divides – politics, age, gender, race, nationality, and more – through guided conversations proven to build understanding and transform communities. CGC provides content to LRC programs that supports better understanding of issues from multiple perspectives prior to and during those guided conversations.

National Week of Conversation

Common Ground Committee is a partner with National Week of Conversation. Each year, CGC holds a signature event to kick off the week.

The Democracy Group

A network of podcasts dedicated to engaging in civil discourse, inspiring civic engagement, and exploring the future of our democracy. CGC’s podcast, Let’s Find Common Ground, is part of the Democracy Group.

The Nantucket Project

The Nantucket Project is an annual gathering of some of the world’s leading thinkers, visionaries, and performers who engage in presentations, panels and intimate one-on-one coversations. CGC has partnered with the Nantucket Project to produce local, “conversation” events with notable speakers and panelists. These events focus on bringing greater insight and understanding to difficult issues that can lead to common ground found by those on different sides of the issue.

The Village Square

The Village Square is a non-partisan public educational forum on matters of local, state and national importance. CGC and The Village Square work together to share content that heals divides.

Unify America

Unify America creates interactive experiences to help people bust out of their bubbles, build civic muscles, and work together to tackle our country’s biggest challenges. CGC encourages its followers to participate in Unify America’s Unify Challenge program.

92nd Street Y

The 92nd Street Y, New York is a world-class cultural and community center where people all over the world connect through culture, arts, entertainment and conversation. For over 140 years, we have harnessed the power of arts and ideas to enrich, enlighten and change lives, and the power of community to repair the world. CGC partners with 92Y to produce world-class events.