Common Ground Committee Public Forums are high-profile discussions which illustrate how areas of mutual interest or agreement become evident when participants move away from “talking points” to thoughtful dialogue.

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October 19

Stars and Strife Documentary Discussion

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Watch as an all-star documentary cast discusses how Americans can come together in a time of strife. Common Ground Committee, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering more progress and less division in politics, has partnered with Bridge Alliance to host a discussion of the thought-provoking new documentary Stars and Strife: A Film of Empathy and Hope. Register now to watch our recorded webinar featuring some of today's leading movers and thinkers, from former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and business leader Katherine Gehl,…

February 25

Finding Common Ground on Facts, Fake News & The Media – Chris Wallace & Maggie Haberman

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Finding Common Ground on Facts, Fake News & The Media TWO TOP JOURNALISTS WEIGH IN ON THE ROLE OF MODERN MEDIA IN TODAY'S ERA OF DIVISIVE POLITICS Common Ground Committee, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering civil public discourse in politics, was honored to partner with the Columbia University School of Journalism to welcome New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace to a public forum on the role we all play in moving forward…

November 21, 2019

Ten Ways to Heal the Divide this Thanksgiving

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Same family, different politics? Watch our webinar! Get ready to lead happier, healthier conversations with family and friends through this webinar hosted in partnership with Living Room Conversations and BridgeUSA. Through personal stories and actionable tips, you'll learn how to hold more constructive discussions on tough political issues (even at family gatherings where emotional stakes are high). From listening first to seeking outcomes that address shared concerns, get practical strategies to become a "Common Grounder" and help bring light, not heat, to…

November 19, 2019

Finding Common Ground on the New Cold War – General Petraeus & Susan Rice

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Finding Common Ground on The New Cold War "Every day on social media, our adversaries are throwing salt in the wounds of our divisions. If we bring people together from all backgrounds on projects for the common good, we can begin to heal." ~ Ambassador Susan Rice Common Ground Committee, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering civil public discourse in politics, was thrilled to partner with the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University to welcome General…

July 9, 2019

It’s Time for a Frank Conversation: Chris Shays & Barney Frank

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Explore how a polarized Congress can get back to doing the people’s work. Common Ground Committee, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering civil public discourse in politics, was honored to partner with co-host The Nantucket Project to welcome former Members of Congress Barney Frank and Christopher Shays to Irvington, NY. As groundbreaking Democratic and Republican representatives, Chairman Frank and Congressman Shays have firsthand experience in advancing bipartisan legislation. In this honest conversation, two veteran legislators shared an inside look at how…

March 19, 2019

Finding Common Ground on America’s Role in the World

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On Tuesday, March 19 Common Ground Committee hosted its 10th public forum, which brought together former Secretaries of State John Kerry (Democrat) and Condoleezza Rice (Republican) at the University of Notre Dame’s DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. The forum was titled “Finding Common Ground on America’s Role in the World”. Tickets became available 30 days before the event and were gone in 30 minutes. Watch the highlights: During the forum, Kerry and Rice came to points of consensus on the…

August 18, 2018

Conversation: A Doctor’s Dilemma: Race, Violence and Medicine

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On August 7th, 2018, African American trauma surgeon Dr. Brian Williams was the featured speaker at our joint event with The Nantucket Project. Dr. Williams, who treated white police officers shot by a black sniper at a 2016 protest in Dallas, spoke to more than 50 guests. Dr. Williams talked about that incident and shared his own experiences with discrimination. He said racial healing is possible if we can recognize our own biases, have conversations between the races and genuinely listen…

April 22, 2018

Public Forum: Finding Common Ground on Government’s Role In Bridging Racial Divides

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On April 22, 2018, Common Ground Committee at The Haven in Charlottesville, Va presented our ninth public forum. Our panelists were Donna Brazile and Michael Steele. Moderating the forum was Wendi C. Thomas from The Christian Science Monitor. We are a citizen-led nonprofit organization focused on “Bringing Light Not Heat To Public Discourse.” We have no partisan political agenda and guard our financial independence.   Partnering with us for this event was the international, multi-Pulitzer Prize winning publication The Christian…

October 11, 2017

Public Forum: Finding Common Ground For Economic Opportunity In The Trump Era

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Common Ground Committee held its eighth public forum on Wednesday, October 11th to a capacity crowd at Middlebury College to “Find Common Ground on Economic Opportunity in the Trump Era.” Panelists featured were former Democratic Congressman Barney Frank (MA), and former Republican Governor of New Hampshire and White House Chief of Staff for George H.W. Bush, John Sununu The political science department at Middlebury College and Common Ground Committee together with The Christian Science Monitor co-presented the event. Gail Chaddock,…

September 2, 2017

Conversation: Talking without Shouting

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Video  The Common Ground Committee partnered with The Nantucket Project in Greenwich, Connecticut to host a Public Forum on civility in the public space. Media Coverage Nantucket Project Packs its Headquarters for Panel Discussion On Civility - Greenwich Free Press Greenwich discussion focuses on civility - Greenwich Time Event Gallery

July 31, 2016

Public Forum: Finding Common Ground On Taxes

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Short video: Watch substantive agreement emerge between the honorable Barney Frank and Larry Kudlow during Common Ground Committee’s seventh public forum, “Finding Common Ground on Taxes”! Common Ground Committee held its seventh public forum on Sunday, July 31 on the topic, “Finding Common Ground on Taxes.” The forum took place at the Unitarian Meeting House in historic Nantucket, Massachusetts. The Honorable Barney Frank (D-MA), a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives debated Larry Kudlow, radio host and CNBC…

December 8, 2013

Public Forum: Finding Common Ground on Entitlement Reform

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Our growing national debt requires honest, substantive discussions about entitlement reform. The core drivers of the debt are entitlement spending, mainly Medicare and Social Security, and a more rapidly aging population. To dissect the complex issues and explore possible solutions in a spirit of civility, former Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell and former Senator Judd Gregg participated in a public forum in June 2013. Monitor editor John Yemma served as moderator while Monitor Washington correspondent Gail Chaddock laid out the framework…

June 3, 2013

Public Forum: Finding Common Ground – Then & Now

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In this December 2013 public forum with David Gergen, former senior advisor to President Reagan, and Chris Matthews, former staffer to House Speaker Tip O’Neill, we explored stories and insights about the two political rivals. The panelists illustrated how the shared experiences and personal relationships between the two were the keys to finding points of agreement in resolving major issues. The event was moderated by John Yemma, editor of the Christian Science Monitor. The history of bipartisan compromise between President Reagan…

February 12, 2012

Public Forum: Rethinking Taxes

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The goal was to debate the facts with the ultimate challenge of identifying points of consensus without compromising core principles. What they agreed upon might surprise you. Here are their areas of common ground:   The current tax system is too complex. We need a simple, fair tax code. Currently there are too many loopholes and too much incentive for tax avoidance. We need to raise revenues. Higher tax revenues are necessary in order to reduce the debt, even if…

June 7, 2011

Public Forum: China – Threat or Opportunity?

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The U.S – China relationship is complex and of increasingly enormous importance as China’s economic and military power continues to grow. Some experts believe we are headed toward deepening cooperation, stability, and peace while others argue the relationship will be marked by deterioration, global competition and ultimate conflict. In 2011 The Common Ground Committee held its second public panel discussion entitled, “China: Threat or Opportunity.” The event was moderated by John Yemma, editor of the Christian Science Monitor, and brought…

October 25, 2010

Public Forum: What is the Role of Government in the Nation’s Economy?

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Liberals argue that government intervention can promote economic advancement and that regulations are critical for the protection of society. Conservatives on the other hand, complain that the U.S. economy can’t be a free market with government intervention and that regulation and taxation only stifles economic growth and opportunity. In an effort to explore whether agreement can be found on this enduring argument, the Common Ground Committee, a non-profit group dedicated to changing our culture by promoting civil discourse on controversial…

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