Change Makers: People Making a Difference

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When times seem dark, how can we be uplifted? Get inspired by people making a difference.

In a world of problems and catastrophes, we look at a handful of extraordinary problem solvers: People who use their passion and personal experience of life to make a difference.

We speak with Dave Scott, Engagement Editor at The Christian Science Monitor, about the remarkable stories of individuals who use generosity, hope and innovation to inspire others to uplift their fellow human beings.

With original stories and personal anecdotes, we hear how listening and trust are essential elements in constructive change and finding common ground.

This special year-end episode includes excerpts from the Monitor’s new podcast, “People Making a Difference.” We hear about what a 12-year-old can teach us about empathy and kindness; how the Sewing Machine Project has repaired thousands of lives around the world, and why LavaMaeX is providing hot showers, pop-up care villages and radical hospitality for homeless people in California.

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Ep 46 – Change Makers: People Making a Difference

Dave Scott

David Clark Scott oversees the innovation and evolution of, as well as The Christian Science Monitor’s newsletters and social media platforms.

Previously, as product manager and online director, Scott has led teams that were part-Skunkworks, part journalism, and part tech training. Those cross-functional teams often served as the bridge between the editorial, business, and technical teams of

Prior to joining the web team, Scott was the International News Editor at the Monitor. In 2007, he won the inaugural Dart Society Mimi Award – “the first of its kind to recognize editors who advocate relentlessly for the integrity of stories and invest time in shaping the talents of journalists.”

Scott was a 2011 Fellow of the Punch Sulzberger Program at Columbia University.

Scott has also been the Monitor’s Latin America bureau chief in Mexico City, Australasia bureau chief in Sydney, and Wall Street bureau chief in New York.

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