New Music Video: Come Together

A message of hope from Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors

Come together. It’s what we need to do in this country, so what’s stopping us? This just-released track by Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors, with a video jointly produced with Common Ground Committee, is a reminder of what unites us. The song’s message echoes our mission of healing division to make positive change for all people, through its rousing call to open our ears and our hearts – whether we wear red, or we wear blue.

Today, we live in a world in need of hope. Looking around, we do see reason to hope. From John Kerry and Condoleezza Rice to Donna Brazile and Michael Steele, we’ve seen leaders of different worldviews set aside differences in our forums and find ways to work together.

And in the genesis of Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors, a new band forged through a remarkable story of music’s power to bridge racial and social divides, we’ve been shown once again that coming together is possible.

Will you join us?

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Come Together
by Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors
I thought we settled this long ago
Don’t know what we’re arguing for
‘Cause in this fight, nobody wins
I’m hoping now we can be friends
We’re so much stronger together
We really need each other
But you’re worried ‘bout me and I’m worried ‘bout you
You wear red, and I’m wearing blue
When the real enemy lies, cheats and kills
Taking everything from us at will
We need to open our minds, y’all
We need to open our eyes
Open our ears
Open our hearts
We need to come together
We’re so much stronger together
We really need other
We really need to come together