Coming Together Across Divides: Holiday Season Special Episode

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How can we connect with people who see the world differently? Get tips from some of our best episodes.

What happens when people of opposing viewpoints and diverse backgrounds work in teams, have conversations, or even sit across the table from each other at family gatherings? How do they come together, listen and have fruitful conversations?

In this special holiday episode, we share stories from past shows. Meet mother and daughter Robbie Lawler and Becca Kearl who share deep love and respect, but vote for different parties. Let psychologist Tania Israel walk you through successful ways to go beyond your bubble and get out of opinion silos and comfort zones.

Listen as race reconciliator Daryl Davis and former white supremacist Ryan Lo’Ree discuss their remarkable work to deradicalize members of hate groups. Experience how co-authors, Republican Jordan Blashek and Democrat Chris Haugh, recount their unlikely friendship that blossomed not despite, but because of their political differences and coast-to-coast road trips in an old Volvo. Hear radio and podcast journalist Ashley Ahearn explain what she learned from her new friends and neighbors after moving from progressive Seattle to conservative ranching country in rural Washington State. All on Let’s Find Common Ground.

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Ep. 44 Coming Together Across Divides: Holiday Season Special Episode

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