Fight the fear. Share hope.

Just how at risk are you and I of being victims of terrorism? Is ISIS truly gaining strength? For the answer, check out “Redirect”, a new initiative launched by our media partner, The Christian Science Monitor. Redirect is about fighting with facts the fear that would hold us back or lead to unwise action. It’s motto: “Change the conversation”. In so doing, Redirect aims to inspire hope and move us to a better, more positive mindset, one that will make it easier to finding lasting solutions to our biggest challenges.

Redirect is 100 percent aligned with the mission of Common Ground Committee to “bring light not heat to public discourse”. A primary principle of our work is “using facts, not emotionally-charged talking points” when debating and working on solutions to the problems of the day. Redirect demonstrates that principle in spades. It reminds us that fear is an obstacle that truth can remove. With fear gone, we can walk with assurance the path to progress.

We are very excited about Redirect and hope you will be, too. Check it out. Be inspired. Share it.