Bruce Bond Common Ground Committee Co-Founder

Statement on the Passing of Our Co-Founder, Bruce Bond

Bruce Bond Common Ground Committee Co-Founder

Like democracy, Common Ground Committee is based on an enduring principle and idea: respecting and listening to one another to understand other points of view is the basis for solving problems. The values of Common Ground Committee transcend any individual. They are based on care for the country and a commitment to counter division by illuminating solutions by discovering common ground. The Co-Founders of Common Ground Committee have tenaciously advanced these ideas while relentlessly rejecting the notion that destructive polarization is inevitable.

This spirit of Common Ground Committee’s work will continue following the passing of Co-Founder Bruce Bond in late December.

The loss of Bruce to his family, community, Common Ground Committee, and the larger movement of bridging divides is significant. His tireless effort, in partnership with Co-Founder Erik Olsen and other CGC colleagues, to successfully convene hundreds of elected officials, thought leaders, media representatives, and experts across the political spectrum produced abundant evidence that finding common ground is not an extraordinary task but can be supremely natural if those discussing a polarizing issue do so with respect, facts, and a willingness to compromise without sacrificing personal values.

Bruce was principled, professional, and personable. He was an authoritative figure on the issues of polarization. More importantly, he was a guiding light on how it can and must be overcome. His optimism has been infectious. His intelligence has been influential. His love for his fellow man was clearly displayed. Bruce’s impact on how hundreds of thousands of people think about solving societal problems is lasting.

Common Ground Committee now pursues its work with honor to Bruce, reflecting his commitment, conviction, and wise counsel which he demonstrated daily. Bruce’s family has asked that, instead of flowers, individuals touched by Bruce’s kindness and leadership consider contributing to Common Ground Committee. You can do this by texting CGC to 53-555 or visit