A Special Middle Shelf: Part 14.5- Dr. Williams Book Club

Hello Middleshelfers, and welcome to a special book recommendation this weekend.

This week’s book recommendation revolves around a book club rather than a single book. On August 7th, Common Ground Committee in partnership with The Nantucket Project hosted a conversation in Greenwich, Connecticut featuring Dr. Brian Williams, a black medical professional, speaking on “A Doctor’s Dilemma: Race, Violence, and Medicine.” Dr. Brian Williams is a Dallas trauma surgeon who treated police officers shot at a 2016 protest. The shooting left five white officers dead and seven others wounded along with two civilians. It was the deadliest attack on U.S. law enforcement since September 11, 2001.
Dr. Williams shared his own experiences with discrimination, recounting stories from his childhood growing up in an Air Force family, loving his country and supporting law enforcement, yet still feeling, as a black person, on the outside of what it meant to be “truly American.” He said healing is possible if we have conversations and genuinely listen to each other. “There is so much fear surrounding the racial divide,” he said. “To conquer fear, you must learn other people’s stories. Every person in front of you has a story that you don’t know yet, and we all as individuals must be willing to take the first step and listen. When it comes to social and racial justice, you have to show up, stand up and be willing to speak up. And you must take that risk if you want to move society forward.” Since his experience treating victims of the Dallas shooting, Dr. Williams has endeavored to show up and stand up in many ways.
In addition to speaking engagements and hosting a series of podcasts, he has set up the Race, Violence and Medicine Book Club. Dr. Williams interviews authors on topics related to the causes and stories behind race and violence as well as the practice of medicine. Every month, Dr. Williams gives away one free copy of a featured book after he interviews the author. By subscribing to his newsletter, you’ll be eligible to win. Winners will be notified by email.
To learn more about Dr. Williams’s story and book club, check out the link below: