polarization is poisoning America flag

Toxic polarization is poisoning America. Here’s how to stop it.

USA Today has published a joint op-ed written by CGC’s CEO and co-founder, Bruce Bond, along with other members of the bridging movement.

In the piece, Bruce and his co-authors – Pearce Godwin, David Eisner and Kristen Hansen – write that we’ve reached an “inflection point” when it comes to political polarization. Yet despite the rising levels of division, they believe there is still time to save ourselves:

The rapidly growing bridging field has built the evidence-base that this work can consistently succeed in building understanding and increasing trust among Americans of diverse backgrounds and beliefs. These programs bridge divides every day among grassroots Americans and leaders. The situation is dire, yes, but through the efforts of the movement, significant change is underway.

The recently introduced bipartisan Building Civic Bridges Act would provide grants for community organizations working to heal toxic polarization. And over the past 18 months, there has been more media coverage of the work to find common ground than ever before.

An end to toxic polarization does not mean eliminating disagreement. Nor does it mean asking people of strong viewpoints to compromise their values in the name of civility. Given the long-term presence of polarization, it may seem that the country is impervious to change.

Read the complete op-ed piece here.