Fed up by polarized politics? Here’s how to use our Common Ground Scorecard to find candidates who can unite us.

We all need our government to work effectively – but it won’t unless we elect those with the capacity to reach across the aisle. That’s why we created the Common Ground Scorecard, a free mobile-friendly tool that helps voters of all parties evaluate how well your elected officials are doing at listening, leading productive conversations and finding bipartisan points of agreement.

Watch our short video tutorial to learn:

  • How to find and evaluate your elected officials
  • How to compare the legislators who represent you
  • How to interpret our “Maverick Matrix”
  • How we rank each legislator based on multiple factors

We can heal divisions in politics by supporting officials who seek common ground. Watch our instructional video to learn how to use this tool, and then give the Common Ground Scorecard a try. Together, we can make our votes a force to bring light, not heat, to our nation’s civil discourse.