How ‘we the people’ can end gridlock in Washington

WASHINGTON — You hear it all the time: The real source of gridlock in Washington is the American people: Deep divisions between Democrats and Republicans simply reflect the political split in the public. Read more about it HERE

A view from Texas: Regular people work together. Why can’t Congress?

DALLAS — I am an older white guy living and working in one of the reddest states – Texas. Yet, I am bluer than Barack Obama. I work as a contractor in one of the reddest industries – home construction. But I openly tell my fellow contractors – many as red as any Texas tea-partier – that I am a liberal who voted for President Obama and that I lived in France and loved it. Read more about it HERE

Immigration reform: the politics of the possible

WASHINGTON — Coming out of the 2012 election, comprehensive immigration reform seemed inevitable. The political power of the growing Latino population combined with a newly elected, popular president making reform his top legislative priority seemed like a recipe for fast action. Read more about it HERE

Three ways you can have your voice better heard in Congress

Voice of the People is a new nonpartisan organization meant to give greater voice to “we the people.” Americans “show an ability to deal with tradeoffs and make the hard choices that Congress finds so difficult,” says the nonprofit’s founder, Steven Kull. Yet many Americans don’t feel they are being heard. Read more about it HERE

To fix Washington, look to Mexico

MEXICO CITY — Mexicans are puzzled looking at the political crisis in the United States, if only because for a long time we have been lectured from up north about the importance of getting our act together to become governable. Read more about it HERE

Ex-Congress Members Urge Present Ones To Behave Better

A group of former Capitol Hill lawmakers is hoping to shame current members of Congress into behaving better in their campaigns, according to a report in Politico: The report says that more than 130 former lawmakers calling themselves Former Members of Congress for Common Ground have signed a letter asking current lawmakers to cease and desist from partisan sniping and overheated campaign attacks. Read more about it HERE

Art Laffer and Jared Bernstein seek common ground

Art Laffer and Jared Bernstein, panelists on Common Ground Committee’s upcoming 2012 Public Forum, find “common ground” on CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report”

On an Indian Reservation, a Garden of Buddhas

On a rural American Indian reservation here, amid grazing horses and cattle, a Buddhist lama from the other side of the world is nearing completion of a $1.6 million meditative garden that he hopes will draw spiritual pilgrims. Read more about it HERE

Toward Common Ground: Bridging the Political Divide to Reduce Spending

Our nation faces unprecedented fiscal challenges, as the commitments we’ve made now and into the future far outpace our fiscal capacity. Congress, the President’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, and citizens across the country must grapple with very.. Read more about it HERE

Beyond Left And Right: Arianna Huffington And Mike Huckabee On Fox News

Arianna Huffington visited Mike Huckabee’s eponymous show this weekend, finding plenty of common ground with the Fox News host and former Republican governor from Arkansas.