Where We Live: Incivility In Politics

Negative ad campaigning for the mid-term elections has already gotten nasty, but as candidates come head to head in debates will they play nice or throw civility out the window? Read more about it HERE

In East Jerusalem, A School Where Kids Can Be Kids

For most Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, violence is out and economic change is in. Business development is the new strategy for peace. But one Palestinian is focused on educational development, Read more about it HERE

Michelle Obama, Laura Bush to unite for 9/11 memorial event

WASHINGTON — In recent weeks US politics has been roiled by a divisive and angry debate about whether it is proper to build a mosque two blocks from the site of the World Trade Center, destroyed on September 11, 2001. Read more about it HERE

Reps. Barney Frank & Ron Paul on Military Spending

BLITZER: You’d have a hard time finding two lawmakers here in Washington farther apart on the political spectrum than Democratic Congressman Barney Frank and Republican Congressman Ron Paul, but now they are teaming up big time to call for substantial cuts in U.S. military spending. Read more about it HERE

Uncivil Society – The Princeton Alumni Weekly

If one weakness of today’s politics is unrelenting shouting, that is not a sin that afflicts Jim Leach ’64, a former 15-term Iowa congressman and now head of the National Endow­ment for the Humanities. “Mild-mannered” is a term that seems to have been created to describe Leach. He speaks calmly, often in little more than a whisper, and shows an eagerness to listen that is not always common in career politicians. Read more about it HERE

Glenn Beckers, check out HuffPo, Obama urges at Michigan

ATLANTA — Saying that fiery anti-government rhetoric embraced by Americans on both sides of the political divide “closes the door … on compromise,” President Obama today urged Americans to try harder to understand their political foes. Read more about it HERE

The Monitor’s View: A new Britain after 100 days?

America’s lawmakers might have benefited from a visit to London during their long August vacation. There, they would have witnessed how a radical shake-up of Britain by a new coalition government has fared after only 100 days in office. Read more about it HERE

Princeton Players Are Divided by Heritage, United by Basketball

PRINCETON, N.J. — When asked about their political views, cultures and backgrounds and whether they create problems for them on or off the basketball court, Niveen Rasheed and Lauren Polansky laugh simultaneously. Read more about it HERE

C.I.V.I.L.I.T.Y 1. Courtesy, Politeness; 2. A Polite Action or Expression

There is much that is deeply troubling to all of us these days: the worst economic crisis in decades, two overseas wars, the continuing threat of terrorism, a dangerously unstable Middle East, and much more.
But another unsettling development is the appalling lack of fundamental civility and simple courtesy in our time. Angry people are striking out in every area of life. Read more about it HERE