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Common Ground: A Path to Productivity

Common Ground Committee Civility Blog Common Ground Path to Productivity

In today’s turbulent political landscape, the question of whether civility is productive is more relevant than ever. A study published in the Cambridge University Press on November 28, 2023, delves into this specific question, shedding light on the relationship between civility and legislative efficiency. Utilizing data from the National Survey of State Legislative Lobbyists, researchers constructed a civility index for each state and analyzed its correlation with legislative outcomes. The results were intriguing and highly relevant in today’s polarized political landscape.

The study revealed a striking correlation: states with a higher civility index tended to pass a greater quantity and percentage of proposed legislation. This correlation underscores the efficiency that can thrive within a civil environment. It suggests that when individuals engage in respectful and constructive dialogue, they are more likely to reach a consensus and enact meaningful change through legislation.

As the divide between political ideologies deepens, the necessity for civility in discourse becomes increasingly apparent. It’s imperative that we glean from this study and actively advocate for civility. At Common Ground Committee, we provide a pragmatic tool—the Common Ground Scorecard. This tool equips voters with the ability to evaluate the dedication of elected officials and candidates to seek common ground on crucial issues. By employing the Scorecard, voters assume a vital role in electing leaders who prioritize civility, thereby contributing to a more efficient state government.

The selection of civil leaders has a profound impact on the effectiveness of governance. By endorsing candidates committed to respectful dialogue, voters lay the foundation for improved decision-making and outcomes. Let us together mold a government that esteems and ensures civility and productivity. Join us, along with many others, in utilizing the Common Ground Scorecard to foster unity and progress for all. Together, we can cultivate a political environment where civility triumphs, propelling positive change for the betterment of our communities.