Curiosity, Not Compliance: Bridge Building In The Workplace

Common Ground Committee Let's Find Common Ground Episode 108

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Curiosity, Not Compliance: Bridge Building In The Workplace

Many Americans are exhausted by polarization and hyper-partisanship. Bitter political divides are not just a problem for election campaigns and political institutions; they’re also damaging the workplace.

Employee morale at many businesses and nonprofits has plunged— impacted by tribalism, culture wars, and politics. CEOs are often in a tough spot. Some have banned talking politics at the office. Or they’ve taken a public stand on an issue of the day in an effort to ‘do the right thing.’ But that can end up pleasing some employees while alienating others.

In this episode of ‘Let’s Find Common Ground,’ we have the privilege of hearing from Simon Greer, the visionary founder of Bridging the Gap. This organization is dedicated to equipping college students with the skills to communicate effectively across differences. Simon’s work extends beyond the campus, as he also consults with numerous organizations grappling with these same challenges within their workforces. His efforts offer a beacon of hope in the face of workplace polarization.

Simon shares his personal journey, a transformation from a ‘bomb thrower’ to a bridge builder in his career as a social entrepreneur. He provides compelling examples of his work with employers and employees, underlining the profound belief he holds in the humanity of every individual. His story is a testament to the power of change and the potential for growth, inspiring us all to strive for better communication and understanding in our workplaces.

Simon Greer

Common Ground Committee Simon Greer headshotSimon Greer has been involved in social change work for more than 25 years. He has worked at the local, national, and international levels to address issues of injustice through philanthropy, advocacy, and service. He has led organizations through periods of dramatic institutional growth, including high-profile campaigns, program innovation, increased philanthropic impact, and more. As the founder of Cambridge Heath Ventures, he works with private companies, organizations, and governments to overcome their most pressing challenges.

For the last seven years, he has conducted research; designed listening sessions; trained leaders; and organized campaigns to identify common good values, policy ideas, messages, narratives and a coherent worldview that he believes have the power to engage a broad cross-section of Americans.

He is the founder of Bridging the Gap and host of Courageous Conversations at The Nantucket Project.