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let’s find common ground

Exploring paths to more progress, and less division

With polarization dominating public discourse, can we find a path back to the common good? Tune in as journalists Richard Davies and Ashley Milne-Tyte explore diverse solutions to today’s most urgent issues with top thought leaders, journalists and others committed to bipartisan action. Tell us what you think! Rank recent episodes and issues that matter to you, and leave us a note or voice message. Take our listener’s survey.

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Convergence Center for Policy Resolution

How the Budget Mess in Congress Hurts All of Us

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Story Hinckley & Christa Case Bryant Podcast

The State of Polarization: 2022

Subscribe to the Podcast A year after the assault on…

Change Makers: People Making a Difference

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Dr. Yergin Climate Podcast

Climate Action and the Global Need for Energy

Subscribe to the Podcast    Energy demands are rising.…
Common ground holiday special tips

Coming Together Across Divides: Holiday Season Special Episode

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Common Ground Podcast Episode 43

Hidden Progress: A More Hopeful Future

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A Climate Scientist Makes the Case for Hope

Subscribe to the Podcast    Can we alter the status…
ER doctor, Jay Baruch

How Should We Respond to the Vaccine-Hesitant? With Dr. Jay Baruch

Subscribe to the Podcast    With hospitals full, how…
Salena Zito

Understanding Trump Voters and American Populism

Subscribe to the Podcast    Rural communities are often…
Nathan Bomey

Depolarizing America: Bridge Builders. Bringing People Together.

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race relations podcast

Monuments and Marriage: The Most Personal Lessons About Race

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Neal Temko, Scott Peterson

American Foreign Policy: Challenges, Threats, Opportunities.

Subscribe to the Podcast    America's foreign policy…