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The Downside of Being a Fox News Journalist? Getting Asked About Sean Hannity Hollywood, May 8, 2020

‘It’s a 50-50 nation’: Chris Wallace on Fox News, Trump and America’s great divide, March 7, 2020

Chris Wallace ‘horrified’ by CNN’s Acosta’s conduct: ‘It’s not our job to one-up presidents’, February 26, 2020

Chris Wallace says Jim Acosta’s behavior ‘adds to people questioning the credibility of the media’, February 25, 2020

Common Ground Committee Featured On The Today Show & MSNBC Live

Finding ‘common ground’ to overcome polarization in, July 2019

Common Ground Committee’s 10th Public Forum featuring John Kerry and Condoleezza Rice – South Bend Tribune, March 2019

Former secretaries of state Condoleezza Rice and John Kerry find ‘common ground’ in panel at Notre Dame – Notre Dame & Saint Mary’s The Observer, March 2019

Rice and Kerry find common ground at Notre Dame – Notre Dame News, March 2019

Article on the new congress features co-founder and CEO, Bruce Bond – U.S. News & World Report, January 2019

Memorializing George H.W. Bush without tribalism by Bruce Bond  – Houston Chronical, December 2018

Voting to shift the political climate by Bruce Bond – USA Today, November 2018

Incivility and tribalism on capitol hill with the Kavanaugh debate by Bruce Bond– The Hill, October 2018

Nantucket Project & Common Ground Committee host local panel discussion on civility – Greenwich Free Press, July 2017

Greenwich Discussion “Talking without Shouting” hosted by Nantucket Project and Common Ground Committee – Greenwich Free Press, July 2017

The Groundswell for Increased Civility Barron, January 2012

Judith Kudlow on Common Ground Committee  – Christina, 2012

Judith Kudlow, from the group Common Ground Committee, appears on local television – Patch, September 2011